Portfolio Update | IML Market Volatility Update

I am going to introduce market commentary, both personal and from fund managers and economists, to provide an area for your to access some of the key points we see every day. To open we have this interview with Anton Tagliaferro, Investment Director at IML (Investors Mutual Limited).

Mr Tagliaferro addresses some common questions from investors, and the current market volatility.


Markets are like a two year old child

Have you ever thought your child was doing just what you had hoped for, then all of a sudden they turn “Terrible Two” on you? Experiencing this last night brought to mind the similarity to markets at the moment. Continue reading

PIMCO: The Myth of Diversification: Risk Factors vs. Asset Classes

Sourced from PIMCO Australia, 24 Sept 2010. Download PDF

The word “risk” derives from the early Italian risicare, which means “to dare.” In this sense, risk is a choice rather than a fate.
– Peter L. Bernstein

Diversification often disappears when you need it most.

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