About Ryan…

Ryan PicHello, and welcome.

I aim to bring an alternate perspective to investment markets, some insights into my current portfolio construction efforts, and random comments on the world that I can see around me. With this I hope to educate, and enlighten my readers, and hopefully encourage some discussion and debate along the way.

About Ryan

I am a father of three (so far), a son and two daughters, husband of one, and friend to many. My main goal is to empower and educate people to make informed decisions.

LinkedIn ProfileMy desk job in this respect is as a financial planner, I am challenged every day to provide ideas, solutions and sometimes just moderate decision-making for my clients, friends and family. I find unwrapping the inner workings, goals and needs of people an honour and delight, and then being able to help them achieve them is even more rewarding. I specialise in retirement planning for DIY Super clients (SMSF), investment portfolio management, and financial risk management.
My non-desk job includes volunteer service at my local church, Life Church, where I help run an awesome team including techies, and sound and lighting gurus in our Production Team. I love to learn from awesome leaders and am inspired to be a better person each day.

Qualifications and Disclosures

Authorised Representative (322428) of Synchron, Australian Financial Services Licence No 243313.

JPBachelor of Commerce in Financial Planning and Investments, Griffith University.

Queensland Justice of the Peace (Qualified).


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