5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Visit a New Mom in the Hospital, According to an OB Nurse

Fitting to revisit while we sit in Hospital today, thankful for the friends who watch our kids.


No one knows more than a labor and delivery nurse that everyone loves a baby.  I’m sure your intentions are good, but here are just a few reasons why it’s not a good idea to visit a new mom while she’s still in the hospital. And this is not intended for everyone!  Of course, if you’re part of her immediate family or if you’re her BFF, this doesn’t apply to you.  A good way to think about it—Would she get angry at you for not visiting her in the hospital?  If the answer is no, then save your visit for when she’s at home 🙂

She just had a baby! – But that’s why you wanted to go in the first place, right?!? Well, sometimes labors are long and hard, and sometimes they’re short and hard, but either way…they’re hard work. After delivery, it’s almost a guarantee that a new mom will be hungry…

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