Lessons On Leadership

When I was reading this post, I reflected on times when I have beat myself up over my choice in action, or inaction. Thanks Ian for the great tips (www.causeandeffective.net).



By Ian Sampson

I read a story this morning in Forbes magazine about a leader who failed to act when he saw a young woman abusing an older woman on a bus. What stopped him, when he knew he should or could have done something? He said it was self-preservation in the end that constrained him. But he concluded the article by beating himself up for not doing or saying something.

What are the lessons for leadership? I think there are three:

  1. Understand what our underlying models are. Mine is that we all act continuously out of either a domain of care/love or fear (“self-preservation”he called it). I always seek to act from the first domain, even in the face of my fears.
  2. When we don’t do this, don’t beat ourselves up; clean it up so that integrity can be restored. In this case a mere acknowledgement that he did…

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